Mollie is a protean communicator and producer. Navigating several disciplines and industries, they tell stories. 

They were awarded their doctorate from the University of East Anglia in 2017. While involved in initiatives about postgraduate mental health, restorative justice, and sexual assault prevention, they were certified as a Mental Health First Aider and trained in trauma-informed praxis. These are things they still employ outside of academia.

Their first non-fiction book grew out of their extensive research on E. J. Bellocq's Storyville Portraits. It has no pictures in it, despite the title and subject. You can send an email about that, if you want. Mollie and their publisher already know, though.

Currently, they write, provide editorial and research services, and consult on a range of digital projects. They don't mind being called a "lapsed" or "interdisciplinary" anything: it isn't healthy to be static for one's entire life.


Areas of Interest

  • Cultural histories of eroticism, sexuality, gender, etc

  • Cultural histories of romance and sensation fiction

  • Folklore, fairy tales, and horror

  • Dramaturgical practices

  • Creative and editorial development



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