I work with writers, creators, and producers on their projects and stories. Sometimes I write things. I suspect I'm what happens when you mix an art historian with a drama nerd with a kid who always stayed up far too late writing fiction, and once told their Catholic grandmother they'd pray to either Mary (the Magdalene or the Virgin) instead of God.

I was awarded my PhD from the University of East Anglia in 2017. I am, as one peer put it, "painfully interdisciplinary." On the other hand, one of my supervisors called me "elegantly centrifugal." Both are accurate. One is nicer.

My first non-fiction book, Images of S-x Work, discusses E. J. Bellocq's "Storyville Portraits," John Sloan, Victorian and Edwardian serial killers, and (briefly) FOSTA-SESTA all in one place.

I like fairy tales, folklore, profanity, dawn and dusk, confusing my Spotify algorithm, oolong, and being of service if I'm able.