Hi! I'm Mol, a social historian who works with writers and producers to tell stories. I tell them, too.

My first non-fiction book, Images of S-x Work (the title's short version, which sometimes still gets me banned from websites) is probably the only one to discuss E. J. Bellocq's "Storyville Portraits," John Sloan, Victorian and Edwardian serial killers, and FOSTA-SESTA all in one place. There's also a lot about Kitty Winter, Lulu White, and Trilby (not as much about Svengali because he's terrible). I wasn't allowed to reproduce any of the Portraits, but that kept things interesting. And for the record, I don't think Bellocq was the creep popular culture made him out to be.

After a heartbreaking relocation across the Atlantic, I'm situated outside academe. I deploy my expertise - in pedagogy, heritage, editing, ethics, and historiography, among other things - in the creative and publishing sectors. On any given day, this may include editing a manuscript, advising on content, or coaching a creator. I'm also often found collaborating on a design or providing a sensitivity read.