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I'm a professional communicator: working across disciplines and industries, I exhume stories and examine them in an engaging and entertaining manner. If you're looking for my book focused on the Storyville Portraits and fin de siècle cities, here it is.


Research Interests

  • Ethics of image-making

  • Cultural histories of vice

  • Gothic horror, regional horror, horror generally

  • Women's work


Vocational interests

  • Developmental editing

  • Dramaturgy

  • Coaching and counseling

  • Creative development



What kind of projects do you do?

I write, I edit, I consult, I research, I teach. Essentially, I create or help create.

How have you trained?

I'm academically and vocationally trained. Please ask for a CV or resume if you'd like.

You have a newsletter? Why?

Why not? It's here.

Did you know the image on your book's cover isn't a Bellocq?

I do! I suggested it as an alternative. I'm not allowed to reproduce any of the Portraits that are still under copyright (which is all of the canonical ones).



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